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parent child therapy

Improving, Strengthening & Healing the Relationship between Parent & Child 


I can offer creative arts sessions working with a parent and child together to help explore and heal any challenges or difficulties in the relationship, or simply to improve or enhance an existing connection. 


I work alone in sessions with the parent at first and then bring in the child or young person and we work together to address whatever may need exploring. This could be through circumstances such as 


  • divorce / separation 

  • bereavement 

  • big events in the family

  • changes in the family set up 

  • moving house / moving schools

  • friendship influences 

  • challenges the child / young person may be experiencing 

  • challenges the parent may be experiencing

  • and many other areas where repair or a strengthening of connection may be sought. 


The work enables parents and children to have the best possible relationship with each other, and encourages respect and enjoyment of each other. It can help parents and children / young people: 


  • To be able to talk to each other about things that matter

  • Work through painful life events that may arise

  • Improve the quality of parent child interactions on a daily basis 

  • Enable parents to be more attuned and empathic to their child’s life experiences

  • Enable parents to feel more fulfilled in their parental role